About Me



Photography has always had an important place in my life: from playing around with a Polaroid as a boy, to developing my first vacation pictures, and of course being completely fascinated by my first digital camera.

Although I find all types of photography challenging and exciting, I prefer underwater photography the most. Diving and taking underwater pictures has become a huge passion of mine! Since I grew up in the flatlands of Northern Germany, far away from interesting diving sites, I only started seriously diving at the age of 27, and because I still live and work there, my dives are mainly limited to the few vacation days of the year. The time between diving vacations is now partially bridged with pool shootings or fresh water diving.

In the meantime, I can hardly remember dives without a camera. Even for my first digital camera, a Sony DSC-P1, I had an underwater housing. With several intermediate steps, the P1 has given way to a Nikon D810 in a Isotta housing. Since 2007, I’ve been concentrating more intensively on underwater photography. I’ve taught myself a lot, but I also like to attend workshops from time to time. The exchange with other photographers is always a great enrichment for me! Photography, with its diverse areas, is a constant learning process for me, and my girlfriend Silke has been a huge support!


My primary focus underwater is wide-angle photography. With these pictures I can best show what makes diving indispensable for me: the freedom underwater and the vastness of the sea!

Macrophotography, however, also has its own charm of course. What is possible with today’s technology is breathtaking, again and again. Colors and details are visible in the photos that one would have otherwise never noticed. And focusing on a motif for up to 30 minutes or longer – observing it and waiting for just the right moment – can be quite meditative.

Christian Schlamann